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  • Welcome To Southern NH Snow Slickers

Bear Brook State Park


Parking:  Parking is the Snowmobile Parking lot approx 1/4 mile off of Route 28 on Deerfield Road - No parking in the Cross country skiing parking lot off of Podunk Road.

Trail Report As Of: 3/22/18


When do we open the gates?  The Bureau of Trails tells us when to open the gates.  Unfortunately the club has no decision in that process.  The Bureau wants each region to open gates at the same time for safety, so when snow conditions ae met a coordinated effort by all the clubs in the county can open the gates.  The Bureau also dictates before January 1st we have to have continuous 8" of snow on the ground to groom.  



Location Status GroomingStatus  Base
Corridor 15 - Dubes Pond to 4H Trail



Corridor 15 - One Mile Trail CLOSED

- 0"
Corridor 15 - Podunk Road


- 0"
Lowland  (Lost) Trail CLOSED - 0"
Archery Trail/Spruce Pond Rd  CLOSED - 0"
Ferret Trail CLOSED - 0"
Hall Mountain Trail  CLOSED - 0"
Russ Bennett Trail  CLOSED - 0"
Trail 360 / Black Hall Road  CLOSED - 0"
Gates Closed Gates are closed. Riding minimal/imposible -  Extream caution if you venture out    
Poor Minimal snow cover with water bars and bare areas. Very Rough    
Fair May not be groomed, may contain water bars and bare areas. Likely fairly rough in many spots    
Good Groomed with adequate snow in most areas. Mostly smooth with some bumpy spots    
Excellent Trail is open and groomed with full snow cover and no water bars or bare spots. Smooth with very few bumps    


Thank you to our landowners for their support!  Without them we would not be able to enjoy these very scenic trails!

Please Respect Our Landowners

Stay on The Trail - Do Not Litter - Carry In - Carry Out

CAUTION: Sled Dogs may be on the trails

CAUTION: Gates may be open or closed at any time, no specific dates

CAUTION: Not all gates have side bars



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