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Saturday, 08 September 2018 00:54

Regarding the Snowmobile Registration Discount

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Important: To qualify for a club membership discount of $30.00 per sled an NHSA voucher must be presented to the Registration Agent due to legislative changes. The New Hampshire Fish & Game has a new policy that requires a voucher for the registration discount. The voucher has to be in hand before you can register your sled if you want the discount. You will need to join a club before registering your sled. Can I get a voucher at a store or dealership? While some stores might have a computer available to join a club and get the voucher, the majority will not. Can I join a club at a store? That's how I used to do it. If the store offers paper membership forms, you can join but won't be able to access the voucher immediately, as it needs to be processed by the club later on.